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Sit down dear, and join me for a cup of tea Welkom

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First, I like to introduce myself; I am GrandMa Annetje. I've been there, you know. If I think back on the old times, especially my youth I am laughing out loud again. A beautiful story is the one time I went out biking with my fiance. We were riding out of the city and choose a rural road along the canalside into the greens. We were talking and talking and chatting away. Suddenly there was a whole in the road, I shook the stir and tried to maintain my balance. That did not work out quit as espected and I reached for the arm of my fiance and hold on tight. That, I should not have done, our stirs turned and we went downhill and towards the canal. You propably guest by now, both soaking wet and green stuff on our head. I turned my head and looked at my fiance....he looked back....started laughing out loud.....grabs me tight and gave me a kiss on my forehead. How happy we were that very moment!

Oh, I could go on and on! Lovely to tell stories, a few special ones I saved and decorated for you, for fun or sometimes there is a lesson in it. Well, that leaves me to say that you have to take care for yourself and eachother!

With kindly regards,

Family faces are magic mirrors. You see your past, future and present
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Minor set back?
It is just the way
you look at things.
Says GrandMa Annetje!
What is really
important in life
according to GrandMa Annetje?

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