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Deze pagina in het NederlandsDeze pagina in het Nederlands


* Irish Literature, Mythology, Folklore & Drama.
* Irish Culture and Irish Costums.
* Dutch portal
St Patricks Day web site
* Creveen Lodge camping
* Riverddance groupdancegroup
* Irish cities
* Ireland Now!
* The Irish Times
* The Celtic Shop


* Traditional English mids
* Everything about the Eden Project in Cornwall
* Scotland, where to go, where to stay and what to visit
* Top Ten great towns to visit, including al lot of online information
* Legoland in Windsor
* Cotswolds Guide
* Cotswolds, the Roman period
* Everything about tea
* Walks in London
* Shakespeares-globe
* Marlow
* The Chiltern Hills/Buckinghamshire
* The Thames Path
* UK Tourist Information
* Chilterns District
* British Tourist Board
* Canal Narrowboats
* Countryside
* Time Out London
* The National Trust
* British Footpaths


* List with holidays and moon phases (thanks Emily)
* Online Tarotreadings
* Willem Wever, kidssite with games and lot of 'did you know' and 'how to' in Dutch
* Hollandbymail, order Dutch products online, delivery worldwide
* The Earth Calendar is a daybook of holidays and celebrations around the world.
* Very nice, funny, goodlooking online games, as well for kids as for the elder ones.
*, beautiful e-cards
* Webshots, download a small program and have a great picture every day as wallpaper for free
* Asterix site; lots of original drawings!
* Asterix & Obelix in 100 languages
* The receipe of the Magic Potion in Dutch!
* Disney in Dutch
* KidsPlanet
* The Efteling
* Laven site
* The Garfield site
* Snoopy,
* Fantastic funpages from


*, everythong about animals
* Dolfinarium, dolphin site
* Wellfare for Animals
* Dutch hotel for cats
* Kids for Animals
* Adopt an animal! Take care of shelter for almost extincted species and receive a quartally magazine Apenote.

Natural Way

* Lunar Phases 2005 - 2006
* Magical places to visit all over the world, information and photos's
* VSM info, the Dutch Naturelle Newsletter is great!
* AnneTanne's Herbs Basket in Dutch
* Portal about herbs
* Company: VSM
* Company:
* Company:
* Company:
* Company:
* Herbs and Spices (Dutch)
* The edible garden
* Biologic-dynamic gardenseeds, online shop
* Native American herb knowledge
* Berries used for women as nutrition and medicine
* Moon Phases

Ads from Google

Queens Day / Royal Family

* PreParty The Hague
*, great kidssite with to do things (Dutch)
* Koninginneshop, worldwide delivery of Dutch products
* in Dutch
* The Royal Palace
* Queens day Lottery
* National Dutch anthem; Wilhelmus
* Portal; everything Orange!

Parentsday, Mothersday, Fathersday

* Make up an original text and have it printed on real chocolates
* Make your own present for mum
* Portal with a lot of links
* Send them to the movies (Dutch)
* Parentsoup
* for e-cards


* Cool easter wish (Send a Funpage)
*, lot of mp3's
* Send an Easterbaloon
* Cake decorations
* Virtual chocolate easter bunny
* Clip art for kids
* Find Easter in every year


I have opened a store at cafepress for neat Valentine Gifts. Please take a look. Thanks.
*Pretty Dutch e-cards
* Dutch Valentine portal, many links
* Another Dutch Valentine portal
* Everyhting about love (in Dutch)
* Valentine page
* Virtual Kisses, Lots of games, cards and more
* Send virtual chocolate


* Advent Calendar
* Kerstshop, worlwide delivery of Dutch products.
* A lot of Christmas stationary for Outlook and Outlook Express, including animations and music.
* Christmas events 2001, where to go (e.g. markets, events and christmastrips) in The Netherlands and Belgium. Links to other christmassites aswell.
* Webcams all over the world. Take a peek at Trafalqar Square, Londen!
* Light a candle for peace!
* NorthPole site
* Santa at work
* Dutch portal many links
* CyberSlee, hop in and learn to fly in the simulator of Santa
* English christmas traditions


* All about Halloween in Dutch.
* Spooky halloween site
* Holiday Graphics with lots of Halloween
* Collection of Halloween links
* Horror books for the youth in Dutch
* Send Halloween e-cards
* Ben & Jerry & Halloween

St Nicholas

* Sinterklaasshop, worldwide delivery of Dutch products
* Online games and more!
* Online drawing to decide who you are giving a present, generated by email!
* Portal; 5december site
* Portal; with many links
* All the sinterklaas sites of the world collected
* E-cards of Sinterklaas in Dutch

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