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Valentine Special is here again. Order your unique Love@FirstSite here. See here for more details.

I have opened a store at cafepress for neat Valentine Gifts. Please take a look. Thanks.

If you are looking for the previous Tate's advent calendars, they are right here to enjoy if you want to see it again. Tip: hit F11 to enlarge the window, go back to original state by hitting F11 again.

You will find new pictures from the US in my photoalbum.
The year round. Het jaar rond.The year round with the holidays, the events page is gone and has been replaced by the links, you will find them organized by subject. The animations and graphics can be found here at LaLize's Craft. At the downloads you will find free games and desktop PC decoration.
Come visit GrandMa Annetje! Have some tea and she will start talking about live. GrandMa Annetje tells stories to think about.

Kindly request; please do not take the pictures, it was hours of work and part of the pictures are from Country Patch Collections. Please do not link directly to my pictures/files, because of the bandwith. Are you looking for the animations and graphics for the holidays, they are now at LaLize's Craft. Of course I am flattered if you want to linkback to LaLize's Country Site on your own web site! I made a few banners and buttons with my logo. I change according to the seasons, so take a look now and then. Suggestions and/or remarks or do you know a great link? Email me. Thank you all for giving your opinion. According to you lot, I am on the right track.

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